Déjà Vu

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Déjà Vu
[Text available only in English] Audiovisual installation of interactive videomapping that seeks through the repetition of the movement to recreate a déjà vu, that sensation of strangeness in front of multiple familiar scenes but that is not known where they come from. The user can control the projection of the scenarios, repeat them or change them according to the movement of his body.

Data sheet:

Déjà Vu, 2018
Interactive Installation: Laboratory 118
Sound Design: Libertad Figueroa

Czas trwania (minuty)


Co jest potrzebne

Fourth or dark space of 5x5metros.

Stage machinery to hang 16 circular screens with 200grams each, approximate weight.

Video Projector of 6000 lumens

Support for the video projector.

Audio equipment with output to plug for sound reproduction.


Power source

  • AV Installation



Germany Berlin, México Mexico City