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Roque Mallets and Rocktober Blood

Roque Mallets and Rocktober Blood

Eric Medine

Eric Medine

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[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Take locally sourced, lovingly handcrafted sounds and images, delicately plucked from sustainable artisanal springs of creativity… then beat with a roque mallet and roll them down a hill in a whisky barrel filled with smooth glass. Bruce Lane (sound):

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Fotonica 2022

  • 11 // 19 listopada 2022
  • Fusolab 2.0, Rome Immersive, Roma, Italy

MIRA Festival 2022

  • piątek, 11 listopada 2022
  • Barcelona, Spain

Videomapping - Pasolini - Corviale

  • 30 października // 02 listopada 2022
  • Corviale, Roma, Italy

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poniedziałek, 03 października 2022

Open Call: Simultan Festival 2022

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] SIMULTAN FESTIVAL 2022—CALL FOR VIDEO SUBMISSIONS! The 17th edition of the SIMULTAN Festival will take place between September 10-18, 2022 in Timișoara and aims to channel ideas and generate new perspectives in the context of the (post) global pandemic as

piątek, 30 września 2022

Ai confini della luce : mapping workshop by Gianluca Del Gobbo

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Theory and laboratory practice course on technologies and software for the design and implementation of Video Mapping performances. Adaptation of video content to irregular and uneven surfaces and architectures with different software, for PC and MAC, one

wtorek, 27 września 2022

Open Call: Fantomas

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Medrar for Contemporary Art, the Visual Arts Forum (Palestine) and Flyer (Italy) are happy to announce the open call for the upcoming lab: FANTOMAS. Lab Duration: 4 days a week from 13 October to 13 December 2022 Lab Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and 4