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sobota, 11 marca 2023


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środa, 08 marca 2023


[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] LASER-BOX - FIGURES/FREQUENCIES The LASER-BOX, FIGURES/FREQUENCIES project is the result of R&D carried out by Gnomalab Estudio in the field of lasers, so the graphic samples collected here present a demonstrator in the prototype phase that has not yet is

niedziela, 26 lutego 2023

Tesla sonification

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Francesco Mariano is a musician, sound designer and software developer who has created an application to sonify the performance of cryptocurrency stocks through sound generation. The application emits low, descending sounds when the cryptocurrency's value

środa, 18 stycznia 2023

Open Call: LPM 2023 Münster

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] CALL TO PARTICIPATE IS OPEN Deadline MARCH 6 #LPM2023 Münster APRIL 13 > 16 | Audio Visual Performers Meeting Don't waste time, sign up! Registrations are open until MARCH 6, 2023 We want to let artists be a real part of LPM, by participating actively to

wtorek, 20 grudnia 2022

Open Call: Estepona Crea 2023

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Estepona City Council announces the ninth edition of the “Estepona CREA” Contest. The “Estepona CREA 2023” Contest is presented in the “Video Mapping” modality with the aim of becoming a meeting point, a place of creation and innovation in the field of of

środa, 14 grudnia 2022


[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] “ARS HYBRIDA / BELLUM ARS” DIGITAL NEW MEDIA ART OPEN CALL This project is dedicated to exhibit and promote New Media Art in all its creative modalities without exclusion of the last productions in the fields of Augmented Reality and Artificial with the a

czwartek, 08 grudnia 2022

Open Call: Little Islands 2023

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] The 5th Little Islands Festival, starting from Sikinos, invites new media and performing arts artists to submit proposals that engage with ecology, anthropology, and science in the enduring dialogue about the relationship between humanity and nature. The

czwartek, 24 listopada 2022

Open Call: Brixen Water Light Festival 2023

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] The Brixen Water Light Festival is an annual light festival in the cultural city of Brixen in South Tyrol/Italy. The 5th Brixen Water Light Festival powered by Durst is looking for artists working with light, designers and architects who would like to or

piątek, 11 listopada 2022

Open Call: Video Mapping Contest

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] The association Rencontres Audiovisuelles organise a Video Mapping Contest as part of the Video Mapping Festival #6. This contest is open to international submissions, to professionals and students in cinema, animation, digital arts, graphic design, video

środa, 19 października 2022

BBBank Projection Mapping Award 2023

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Every year in August, the over 170 meters long façade of the Karlsruhe baroque Palace becomes a gigantic stage for media art and the forecourt becomes an urban happening space. The SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE Karlsruhe Light Festival is curated by the artistic and

poniedziałek, 17 października 2022


[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] The Chill Out Dome is a space signed by the Mov Festival at Rock The Mountain. Rock the Mountain is a music and art festival that takes place in Itaipava, Petrópolis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the next edition, which will take place on November 5, 6, a

środa, 12 października 2022

Open Calls: Mapping Festival 2023

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] The Mapping Festival, which has always been committed to highlighting art and technology, is once again questioning the place of new technologies in our society. Between utopia and dystopia, each of us finds our own position. They invite each person in of

czwartek, 06 października 2022

Open Call: Aavistus Festival 2022

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Aavistus Festival is an international biennial of audiovisual art and VJ culture that will be held for the second time on 6.-9. October 2022. The festival is looking for VJ performances, audiovisual live performances, media artworks, installations, and to

poniedziałek, 03 października 2022

Open Call: Simultan Festival 2022

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] SIMULTAN FESTIVAL 2022—CALL FOR VIDEO SUBMISSIONS! The 17th edition of the SIMULTAN Festival will take place between September 10-18, 2022 in Timișoara and aims to channel ideas and generate new perspectives in the context of the (post) global pandemic as

piątek, 30 września 2022

Ai confini della luce : mapping workshop by Gianluca Del Gobbo

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Theory and laboratory practice course on technologies and software for the design and implementation of Video Mapping performances. Adaptation of video content to irregular and uneven surfaces and architectures with different software, for PC and MAC, one

wtorek, 27 września 2022

Open Call: Fantomas

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Medrar for Contemporary Art, the Visual Arts Forum (Palestine) and Flyer (Italy) are happy to announce the open call for the upcoming lab: FANTOMAS. Lab Duration: 4 days a week from 13 October to 13 December 2022 Lab Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and 4

wtorek, 06 września 2022

Open Call: Re:Sound 2023

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Re:Sound is an annual new and experimental music festival that brings together and showcases pioneers in the arts with diverse programming at venues throughout Cleveland. By connecting local and visiting artists, the festival further propels the and in of

środa, 31 sierpnia 2022

Open Call for Artist in Residence LINZ FM[Ai]R 23

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Open call for Artist-in-Residence-Entries for the upcoming 3rd edition of FMR – Festival for art in digital contexts and public spaces which will take place in Linz, Austria, from June 6 to 11, 2023. FMR – art in digital contexts and public spaces is a of

środa, 03 sierpnia 2022

Open Call: Artistic Residency NO.2

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] The joint project »intelligent.museum« of the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and the Deutsches Museum invite international artists who integrate AI in their artistic practice to apply for the second iteration of its artist residency. They are to

czwartek, 28 lipca 2022

Open Call: Bright Festival Connect 2022

[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Bright Festival_Connect is an international cooperation project promoting digital creativity as a means of connection between different countries and cultures, in collaboration with institutions, schools, enterprises, artists and design studios. From 20 ●

piątek, 22 lipca 2022


[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Light and Media art festival, Kiel, Germany. The projection will be mapped on the district´s historic water tower. With a hight of 15 meters and a diameter of around 8 meters. The mapping show will take place on all three Festival nights. In the first we