Homo Sapiens. 2000 dc, era digital

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Homo Sapiens. 2000 dc, era digital
An executive in a suit and tie with a briefcase in his hand submerged in a glass case and breathing through a snorkel, performs signature moves of the character he plays, that is, looking at the clock, walking, phone call.
This performance is also an installation that has been filmed and edited so that it acquires the characteristics of video art, and can be played in one minute minimum time or 30 minutes if it is live performance.
In the glass urn has hit a series of small images showing the evolution of man from his home in the water, this is at the bottom of the urn stand

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His main reading, is to generate a claustrophobic look on the position of man as subject labor, dehumanizing its title suggests a futuristic view as if we contemplated to that executive who is now a museum object.
This work provokes in the viewer first see a conflicting situation a man caught in the wrong place judging by her wardrobe, and the use of snorkel increases the state of anguish by not promptly resolve the dilemma I propose with this work.
It is a lifestyle, make a jump to the daily tasks that we impose a highly technological world apace

  • AV Performance
  • Video Theatre
  • Experimental Electronics
poncho franco
poncho franco

Ecuador Guayaquil


LPM 2013 Mex
LPM 2013 Mex
czwartek, 24 stycznia 2013

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