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[Text available only in English] Image represents a privileged channel for communication, today, so strongly can affect our way of being and behaving.
Google images is the example par excellence of this cluster of images, a container of all the images of the world all at your fingertips.
Studies confirm that our brain can remember better pictures, more than anything else.
On average 80% of the informations in the memory are visual type; the remaining 20% is divided between other sensory inputs, in order: hearing, touch, taste, smell.
In other words, transforming everything from abstract concepts to concrete ones, in visual material make them more easily remembered.

The interactive installation was born to create something that can have an impact on the users enjoying it, in fact, through the Computer Vision technologies used in facial detection, the installation varies depending on the presence or absence of a user in front of the installation.
It is designed to be installed through a video projection on the wall and the floor but it is also possible to install it on a monitor, it can therefore be adapted to a variety of contexts and locations.

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For correct installation and an optimal accessibility to the installation for users, I need a projector or TV (preferably with HDMI cable) and a white wall in passing for the visitors of meeting.

  • AV Installation



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