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[Tekst dostępny tylko w języku angielskim] Supercazzola.
Supercazzola is an Italian word that means on first sight "hilarious." But on a second view it gets meaning, it gets depth. AI systems are based on noise. Since chat GPT and Midjourney created a hype, Supercazzola is a must to understand. The presentation and the lecture steps out of the usual and the workshop will be fun to join.
The workshop falls in the category Immersive Art (Immersionskunst).

My PRESENTATION (Symposium) deals with the absurdity of the use of AI systems in the arts.

I will present AI systems "at work" for text, image and voice based on examples --- hopefully on the first day of LPM 2023. Everyone can see there that “The Workshop” might - even if it is all absurd what happens - really work and decide to take part in it.

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Co jest potrzebne

I need a data projector for slides and video (MP4) and a mic (and a makeup *LOL). All standard.

Co przynoszą artyści

The audience needs nothing. Please check also my workshop: https://avnode.net/learnings/supercazzola-bard-ko-mu-ai/

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